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Even if you learnt such deep Bemba, your loved one may not be able to appreciate your efforts because the language you are using is too deep even for them.If you went out on the streets of Kitwe and asked a hundred people what “Nsalankwale yandi” means, you will be lucky if you got one or two who knew that it means “my rose.” If, on the other hand you asked what “iluba lyandi” means, everybody will tell you it means “my flower.” This is a good reason to simplify things and use words that are more likely to be universally understood.

Also I like traveling very much and to have a rest on the nature, I like walking!

I have a honest, open and sensitive character and everytime i am looking for new things and try to make all better.

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AP22 IF ELITE is a full automated system for ELISA and IFA methods.

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