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The long-forgotten underground city of Samen has rich history and more discoveries are expected in the near future, as researchers continue to dig at the site.

The underground city of Same is located 400 km (250 miles) west of Tehran in Iran.

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On her blog, she explains she uses different kinds of exercises to make sure she maximises her gains while still allowing her muscles to rest.

The social media star also revealed she is consuming more calories than ever before.

Scroll down for video She divided these exercises into stretchers, activators and pumpers.'Stretchers are high intensity exercises and you’ll need between 3-4 days rest between activators.

Examples include weighted squats, deadlifts and lunges,' she wrote.'Activators are moderate intensity exercises and you’ll need between 2-3 days rest between stretchers.

A Perth-based Instagram model has thousands of women fawning over her 'perfect' bubble butt.

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