Abusive behavior when dating

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LGBTQ youth experience abusive relationships at the same rates and in many of the same ways that heterosexual couples do.The term "intimate relationships" is used here to be maximally inclusive of any romantic and/or sexual relationship between two non-biologically-related people, including dating or courtship relationships, relationships in which the romantic partners live together in the same household (cohabiting), relationships in which two people have children in common but are no longer formally romantically or sexually involved with one another, and marital relationships.

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Read the following indicators and consider the people and relationships in your own life. Emotional Abuse If you or someone you know is experiencing one or more of these and would like to talk to someone to learn about options, call an advocate at the confidential Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline at 1-866-223-1111 or Cornerstone’s 24-hour helpline at 952-884-0330.

Dating abuse is a pattern of destructive behaviors used to exert power and control over a dating partner.

Ideally such relationships are loving and supportive, protective of and safe for each member of the couple.

Unfortunately, some people, while fulfilling these nurturing, positive needs of their partners at least some of the time and at least early in their relationship's development, also behave abusively, causing their partners (and often others as well) substantial emotional and/or physical pain and injury.

is Stanford’s umbrella term that includes dating and domestic violence.

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