Adobe flash constantly updating

by  |  17-Oct-2019 05:47

I have used the Adobe uninstaller from this article; Uninstall Flash Player for Windows and removed all the folders as instructed.I currently have Flashplayer 23,0,0,162 re-installed in Firefox 48.02 and IE 11.0.9600.18230.The single most common complaint I heard was about the frequency of updates for the Flash Player, and what a pain in the rear the update process is, especially for Windows users.

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How do you know if the version of Flash you have is the one that needs updating?

And how do you make sure you’re as safe as possible when updating the software, given the constant flood of problems that are being reported?

I can't recall any software of applet I've ever had, short of Virus checkers that need to be updated frequently, that needs to update itself as often as Adobe Flash.

It seems every few days there's a freaking code update required.

In both March and August of this year, Adobe pushed out two updates.

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