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by  |  17-Jan-2020 15:42

can make money from premium phone numbers (those are the 0870, 0871 prefixes and numbers like that)?

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I don't understand how a person can put so much energy in people and things that will not care or think about them when this life on earth is over, I'm all for family my boys are my life, Moral is stop putting so much energy in people who will not think about nor care if you are here tomorrow, invest your energy in those who show they care today and you know in your heart when your life is over on earth will miss you, just a thought of mine,oh and woman stop giving these men what they want which your body when you don't have what you really want from him which is his heart and if you don't want his heart and you just want a bag or a pair of shoes you don't have to give a man your body for a man to give you that if he likes you he will give you the bag and shoes without touching you,ijs So guys I found a cool new app that can track your spending on your cards and give you advice on how to get your interest rates down.

I found this app to be very helpful to me UG/Aqp YYTjov F Mc Gregor got beat the fuck up....i made a bag and all is well in tbe kingdom...

ima lay back on this blesed sunday ..the pup to the beach and just enjoy my world ..out yall have a good day ya dig!

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