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I look for the clues, often obscure, microscopic and mysterious like the symbols in your dreams.I know now how to connect with the unconscious and ask for the information that will provide the openings.These are important questions to ask since most single adults report that they desire to one day have a successful, lifelong marriage.

I am a practitioner and trainer in both Somatic Experiencing (SE) & Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM).

These body-mind approaches use mindfulness & body awareness to address trauma, stress and relational challenges by eliciting our inner healing resources in support of a deeper sense of safety & self-empowerment.""I am a Somatic (Body-Mind) Psychotherapist, College Professor, Community Educator, Consultant & International Trainer.

I have successfully treated a wide variety of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD - as well as challenges arising from life transitions like divorce, blended families or acculturation/assimilation .

I have extensive experience in working with couples (straight and gay) and offer therapeutic services based on the work of Sue Johnson, John Gottman and Harville Hendrix.

I enjoy supporting people in their challenges and helping them build skills to create resilience and the ability to adapt and thrive.""I am a mature therapist with a wide variety of life and work experiences.

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