Alicia keys dating life

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Additionally, you can scroll down to see a photo of M.Alicia Keys was born in 25th January in the year of 1981 in New York City in U. Her mother was an actress who played in films and she was also a paralegal while her father was a flight attendant.With these stories circulating Alicia Keys is being labeled a homewrecker by many women in blog world and it’s gaining momentum.

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She was first seen in The Cosby Show in her early age of 4.

She was supported by her mother to take classes of piano and dance.

This friendship is the rumored reason Swizz Beatz and his wife Mashonda are getting a divorce.

Last week, Alicia Keys supposedly threw a surprise birthday party for Swizz Beatz at the Guggenheim museum.

Beatz , 31,filed for divorce last summer, and claimed at the time that his divorce had nothing to do with his relationship with Keys.

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