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Longing for simpler, pre­reality TV times, when television dating games were not crude, voyeuristic free­for­alls, but innocent affairs featuring giant daisies, ruffled shirts, and naughtily suggestive repartee.

London; History; Newsreels; Railways; World War II; Newsfilm; Oral History; Propaganda; Military forces; Palestine; War damage; Aircraft; Royal Air Force; Amateur films; Commonwealth; World War I; Aviation; Film Equipment; Germany; Social History; British military forces; Civil defence; Documentary film movement; European History; Genocide; German military forces; German newsreels; Holocaust; Home Front, World War II; Home Guard, World War II; Israel; Navies and naval operations; Royal Flying Corps; Royal Naval Air Service; Soviet newsreels; Training films; Yugoslavia Charges for viewing for commercial productions.

A small charge is made for prolonged private viewing; details of charges, reproduction fees and commercial rates are available on request.

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