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More than 750,000 people rush through Grand Central Terminal every day, barely taking notice of the spectacular Beaux-Arts building that surrounds them.

(Until it was named a National Historic Landmark in 1976, Grand Central Terminal fell into disrepair and was nearly demolished; happily, today it has been restored to its former glory.) Not all of the landmarks on our list have been officially designated as state parks or National Historic Places.

And, on their surface, many of them may seem dissimilar: one is an extraordinary (and still active) volcano, while another is a lighthouse; one is a mighty waterfall, while another is a centuries-old desert adobe settlement. And all of them have played a part, however small, in our national history.

And while some of them may require a road trip or plane ride to get to, others, like Grand Central, may be practically right under our noses.

Related: World's Prettiest Mountain Towns The past century-and-a-half has seen the creation of two organizations that work together to protect America’s national treasures.

They were seen as having difficulties in succeeding in "civilization." Those who supported such barbaric ideology are called eugenicists.

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