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Client side validation When you place validation code on the client side, validation does not require a postback operation and provides fast responses to the user.However, because the validation code is outside the Web Server, it might be possible for the client to spoof the Web Server with invalid data.

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NET, you could very well use the concept of Data triggers in WPF.

One of the key benefits triggers offer is that they can be effectively managed within the XAML without usually requiring much of procedural code.

NET came onto the scene, so I gave it a shot just for fun. Click Dim dec_grade As Decimal Dim str_input Grade As String = "" Dim int_counter As Integer = 1 Accept Grades.

Private Sub Accept Grades_Click( By Val sender As System. Enabled = False Do str_input Grade = Input Box("Enter grade number " & int_counter.

In my earlier blog on user input validation in WPF, I had discussed about how extension methods can be used to provide for custom valiation logic.

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