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One thing that prosecutors have so far failed satisfactorily to explain is why so many top executives engaged in backdating, which was done so openly and widely in Silicon Valley that it is hard to believe anyone thought they were committing a crime.

Even Steve Jobs, the iconic boss of Apple, did it—though, unlike dozens of other executives, he has not (so far) had his collar felt by the authorities.

Additionally, companies can use backdating to produce greater executive incomes without having to report higher expenses to their shareholders, which can lower company earnings and/or cause the company to fall short of earnings predictions and public expectations.

Corporations, however, have defended the practice of stock option backdating with their legal right to issue options that are already in the money as they see fit, as well as the frequent occurrence in which a lengthy approval process is required.

The companies involved in the recent scandal were backdating options to a time when the stock price was lower, making them immediately lucrative. stock options by claiming that they’re an incentive for performance: the executives get rich only if they do a good job and the stock goes up.

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