Live two way webcam sex chat - Before updating scaffolding from new db schema

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PGError: ERROR: Option 'search_path' is not recognized : SHOW search_path Yes it pops with this error but the table was SUCCESSFULLY created! Also, I tried one of the suggestions here at the forum of hardcoding my connection in my models: class Service Spiels note that I can successfully connect to my db using with the follwing line: dbh = DBI.connect("dbi: Pg:db:", "username", "mypassword") I can successfully connect to my db but I can't get rails to get up!

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I discovered that the problem is with Ro R not being able to communicate with My SQL.

I tried the install/fixes suggested on … On OSXTiger but none of them have worked for me.

In the way I know it: dirruby script\generate model Inventory * this will create the model 'inventory' (app\models\inventory.rb) and a migration that will db\migrate\xxx_create_inventory (i think) - this file is the one that will actually update the database to create the specific table and its fields.

For those of you who ever have to do Rails work with an older database that was not created according to Ro R naming specs and to which other things have been coded such that you can’t just rename everything, here’s something I found out the hard way.

id=935), I thought I had a Ro R problem when trying to create a scaffold on a project.

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