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Anhui-based activist and former state prosecutor Shen Liangqing said the ruling party has never felt comfortable with any sort of freedom of expression."Now we are in the internet age, rapid changes are taking place, such as chat apps, which have the ability to set up fairly small circles of communication," Shen said.But he said We Chat, which is owned by Tencent, is still a commercial entity."If this was a normal country we wouldn't have all these controls on free speech," Shen said.

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Echo chamber Liaoning Normal University professor Mu Ran said via social media that social media is fast becoming an echo chamber for party officials to support government policy,."There's no trace of public opinion left in this at all," Mu wrote.

The new code of conduct banning "off-message" statements was likely approved by the plenary session of the 18th Party Congress last October, which was held behind closed doors, political observers said.

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