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Despite being extremely worried when starting university about somehow missing out on part of the joys of Freshers’ and engaging in university life, I am now in my second year, in love, and grateful to not be looking for a partner in Queen Mary’s dating scene.

This may seem like a cliché, but I have heard many an unpleasant story (especially from first year) where my friends have woken up riddled with regret from drinking far too much to gain a bit of courage in the pursuit of someone to be with.

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When you’re together it’s about enjoying each other’s company and making your relationship stronger, when you’re apart you’re able to focus on your work and giving yourself the best chance of success after university.

When you talk to your partner, it’s most likely to be on Skype where it’s only the top half of you that is showing.

I think it’s fair to say many see Freshers’ as a bit of a shag fest, and although people sometimes find a meaningful relationship during Freshers’, they are rare.

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