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Baader, Franz Xavier von, a German philosopher, born at Münich; was patronised by the king of Bavaria, and became professor in Münich, who, revolting alike from the materialism of Hume, which he studied in England, and the transcendentalism of Kant, with its self-sufficiency of the reason, fell back upon the mysticism of Jacob Boehme, and taught in 16 vols.

what might rather be called a theosophy than a philosophy, which regarded God in Himself, and God even in life, as incomprehensible realities.

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2 (Gjesme, Lautrup, Elvekjaer), Jon Gjesme, Tue Lautrup, Nielsen, Carl August, ...

He, however, identified himself with the liberal movement in politics, and offended the king (1765-1841). Baalim, the principal male divinity of the Canaanites and Phoenicians, identified with the sun as the great quickening and life-sustaining power in nature, the god who presided over the labours of the husbandman and granted the increase; his crowning attribute, strength; worshipped on hill-tops with sacrifices, incense, and dancing. City of Baal, or the Sun), an ancient city of Syria, 35 m. of Damascus; called by the Greeks, Heliopolis; once a place of great size, wealth, and splendour; now in ruins, the most conspicuous of which is the Great Temple to Baal, one of the most magnificent ruins of the East, covering an area of four acres.

Baal-worship, being that of the Canaanites, was for a time mixed up with the worship of Jehovah in Israel, and at one time threatened to swamp it, but under the zealous preaching of the prophets it was eventually stamped out. Baalism, the name given to the worship of natural causes, tending to the obscuration and denial of the worship of God as Spirit.

Pacific, Iwo Jima US Marines raise the American flag on the summit of Mount Suribachi in the south of the island.

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