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Stewie, after learning of Brian's intentions to expose Mayor West, decides to go with Brian and assist him.

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These statements were about a valid social expectation where a man could expect to be rewarded for following those expectations. They didn’t know the social contract between the genders was broken (link below).

The rewards were typically respect and a relationship with a woman. Though it was slow, men started to figure out that something was rotten in Denmark.

Brian decides to become a taxicab driver, but soon becomes intent on exposing the corruption of Mayor West to the public after receiving a $400 parking ticket for parking his taxicab on a handicapped zone without permit next to a store where Brian bought some milk for Lois.

After discussing his corruption beliefs with Meg, she argues that Mayor West is a nice person and that he should drop it.

Appalled at parking charges introduced by Mayor West, Brian decides to expose the corruption of the Mayor, despite the prospect of potentially destroying Meg's new career as the Mayor's intern.

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