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This book by Ed Welch gave me solid biblical truth to deal with shame, both the godly kind and the ungodly kind. Jackson turned to me afterwards and said, “I felt the presence of God in that man like I’ve never felt before. ” About a year later, we saw this man’s face on his book and knew. Yun as one “poor in spirit.” We know what scripture says about those. Can I just say that reading through it is amazing, convicting, profound, faith building, and life changing. But then an upright and kind farmer marries her and redeems her from the life of a prostitute. and there is a godly shame, by the way, the sort that leads to repentance and cleansing.

This book shows the collaboration of not only their marriage, but their ministry to singles through the years.

Richard Phillips is well known for a number of biblical studies, and his wife, Sharon, has contributed discussion guides to some of those studies.

Creation and fall, the institution of marriage in Genesis -25, and the character of love (both married love and the love of Christians for one another) are all developed clearly and concisely for those who have already been exposed to biblical teaching.

The second part of the book deals with the application and outworking of the principles laid out in the first.

However, just a few years ago, life for Audrey was very different.

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