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Goheen-Rengo made comments during the proceedings about how everyone involved in the case should “be in a box in the desert,” according to charging papers filed this week.

He told the courtroom: “You should all be afraid of me;” “This all makes me pretty scary, doesn’t it?

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” He made repeated references to marksmanship, although he had been convicted of a felony and banned from owning guns a few weeks earlier, according to the charges.

Montoya-Lewis took his odd behavior so seriously she acquired a gun for protection, and took lessons on how to use it.

Since then Goheen-Rengo has been living in southern Washington, according to court records that cite recent police reports.

He posted an album of three photos on Facebook around 1 a.m.

Denver Merrill also owns Pluff Mud Public Affairs LLC, a company that was accused of money laundering in an indictment brought against his lawmaker brother earlier this year.

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