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It was when Carol Jerrems was making a film about a gang of 15-year-old sharpie boys from Heidelberg, most of whom had been expelled from school and, in their own words were involved in "bashing, beer, sheilas, gang bangs - which is rape - gang fights, billiards, stealing and hanging out" that she found out most clearly the cost of getting involved with her subjects.

"So far I have myself only narrowly escaped rape but was bashed over the head by the main actor while driving my car, which had just been dented by the rival gang with sticks.

I signed up to last week after getting a number of email contacts from girls in my neighborhood.

"On the way out," Edols says, "I got whacked in the chest and cracked two ribs.

We had every window of the car totally smashed in, including the headlights." "Carol was very shy and she didn't like being shy and she was always pushing against her inhibitions and her limits, and that often led her to dangerous situations," says Kathy Drayton, the director of , about this extraordinary photographer's intense, short life. "Her photographs engage the viewer in an intimate relationship with her subjects.

They steal my money and cigarettes when I'm not looking, but I refuse to be deterred." Very little deterred Jerrems, even the game in which the sharpie boys drew straws to see who would "go off" with her.

Her shy, earnest demeanor and angelic face framed by golden frizz belied a ferocious appetite for photographs that would capture the moment, a thirst for the next great shot that could - and sometimes did - endanger her life.

Kaitlyn, who used the named Silly_Mermaid and Merms while working as a model, isn’t denying the footage is of her.

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