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Apart from showing the age of your car, its number plate also tells you roughly where it was first registered.Read on for more about when and how registration numbers change.We’ll also take a look at personalised number plates – although our dedicated piece on that subject has more information, should you need it.

This came about 5 years after Dutch authorities first introduced the idea to the world.

The first mark to be issued in London was the simple, bold, A1 and this was registered to Earl Russell.

Up until this time, there was nothing to stop authorities having two registers, one for cars and one for motorcycles.

This meant that it was possible for a car and a motorcycle in the same area to have the same plate.

He wanted the mark so badly he camped out all night to secure it, making him not only the first registrant but also the inventor of the idea of having a distinctive, personalised or cherished plate on a vehicle.

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