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As mineral layers are deposited, they draw in uranium.

Because uranium decays into thorium at a known rate, the ratio of uranium to thorium isotopes in a sample indicates how old it is.

A painting in the Guggenheim collection initially attributed to French modern artist Fernand Léger has languished out of view for decades after it was suspected to be a fake.

Now scientists have confirmed that the artwork is a indeed forgery; in a first, they detected faint signatures of Cold War-era nuclear bombs in the canvas that reveal the painting was created after Léger's death.

This would naturally include paintings and works of art from the Italian school; the Spanish School, the Flemish school, British and Scottish Schools, French and Russian school, the Dutch and Belgian School, Hungarian and German schools, the Irish school, the Oriental schools, Chinese and Japanese school and including Canadian Art and the American schools such as the Hudson River school and the Canadian Group of Seven.

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