Chantelle paige dating tom kaulitz

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Čaro hudby spoznali vďaka ich nevlastnému otcovi, ktorý vlastní hudobnú školu a okrem toho tiež hrá v kapele.

We also had this feeling when we recorded the album. But in general “Love who loves you back” is the favorite song of us all. I have to mix with people, otherwise I’d get depressive.

The Tokio Hotel shows will treat fans to a live performance of hit songs like Monsoon or World Behind My Wall during upcoming performances in various cities including Detroit, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

Why do people nowadays still need a label for this? In my opinion people should be way more open to every kind of love. Back then people always told me: “As a boy you can’t wear that and you also can’t wear make up.” I think that takes effect in terms of fashion, as well as in love and sexuality. We also didn’t make our video too serious, there are also some funny details in it. Kaulitz: We ourselves come from the deepest suburb, so we are familiar with suburbs.

Bill Kaulitz: That’s a good question which I also ask myself. My message is: Let’s not label and always make such a big topic out of it. Everyone should live the way it feels good and right. We just try to encourage it and want to say: Just relax, everyone! And then it’s about the feeling when you just recorded an amazing song.

On Friday People reported the model and the athlete are an item.

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