Clustrmaps not updating

by  |  31-Aug-2019 13:19

Clustr Maps helps you find out how many users are visiting your website, how often they visit it, what their visit's depth is, and what your new / returning visitors ratio is.These data are presented in a visual way help you better understand your audience.This blog is a Vocaloid DB for myself and hopefully for you as well.

So, please give it a little more time and then you will be able to see your Word Press dashboard.

If you cannot wait, you would need to change your Word Press settings to use the temporary URL.

Other great features include custom map pins (800 icons included), marker layers, integrated address search, marker popup descriptions, an easy to use map shortcode and more.

In our previous post, we discussed about the instances on when to update our membership record with Phil Health and its importance.

The data include the exact location (country and city), IP address, time and even geographic coordinates.

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