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But it would also have your other traits, perhaps the ones you're not proud of -- your stubbornness, your tendency to get angry, your fear of being alone.

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She created an experiment to bring parts of him back to life.

Kudya had been working on an AI startup for two years.

But, in reality, there is a decidedly more cynical underside to all this euphoria.

In Silicon Valley, after all, many founders will often do whatever is necessary to protect their creations—whether that means paying a hefty legal settlement to hush the people who helped hatch the idea for their company in the first place (Facebook, Square, Snapchat), callously vanquishing a co-founder (Twitter, Foursquare, Tinder), or remorselessly breaking laws and putting thousands of people out of work (Uber, Airbnb, among hundreds of others). In order to save his beloved start-up, the Silk Road, an Amazon-like “everything store” for the Dark Web, he needed to “call on my muscle,” as he put it to one associate. Ulbricht hadn’t intended for it to all come down to this.

That at some point during the prodigious rise of his hot tech start-up he would be obliged to make a terrifyingly ruthless decision. The question was rather simple: Was he ready to kill someone to protect his billion-dollar company?

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