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Andrew's Place, a multi purpose church facility, which incorporates a small chapel, retail space and a seniors' housing apartment tower, where two historic stone churches once stood.

With retail businesses in the city increasingly locating outside of the downtown core, particularly in the Four Corners, Kingsway and Lasalle Boulevard areas, the city has struggled in recent years to maintain a vibrant downtown.

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The house was donated to the people of Brighton and Hove by the Braybon family, who were a family famous for building in the area.

In 1967 it eventually became a hospice that focused on caring for cancer patients.

Recent projects have included the creation of Market Square, a farmers' and craft market, the redevelopment of the Rainbow Centre mall, streetscape beautification projects, and the creation of the Downtown Village Development Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that identifies and pursues development opportunities, creates partnerships, and advocates for and promotes initiatives that stimulate business and residential investment in Sudbury’s historic core.

Although the city is in existence today because of the construction of the rail in this area of the province, at various times over the past 50 years, the city and community groups have proposed that the city purchase the CPR stockyards west of Elgin Street in order to expand the downtown area, although to date this has not been pursued.

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