Coupon validating machine

by  |  21-May-2020 01:15

Select from four different versions, which include a secure, low cost option.

The CV1000 bezel design allows the validator to clear the latest LCD screens being placed on today's vending machines from a distance.

coupon validating machine-54

Built upon the MEI CONLUX heritage of market leading bill validators, the CONLUX CV1000 is simple to operate and offers solid reliability.

Accepts notes from $1-$20 at a 95% acceptance rate or greater.

Time was short and I figured that the Leonardo Express would probably be best as it was the next train.

I bought a ticket and stuck it in to the validation machine although the guy selling it to me on the platform didn’t even mention that you needed to.

It is estimated that manufacturers spend approximately $3 billion dollars each year just to distribute coupons nationwide.

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