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Most other projects probably would have called the product "1.0" much earlier, but we deliberately decided to delay that label as long as possible. Such limitations are always documented in the release notes of our releases.

We were aware that many people were waiting for a 1.0 before using Subversion, and had very specific expectations about the meaning of that label. The client and server are designed to work as long as they aren't more than one major release version apart. Our client/server interoperability policy is documented in the "Compatibility" section of the Subversion Community Guide.

Anyways, during the reception I received a text message saying, 'Wow! After some back and forth texts, he came up to me, grabbed my hand, and took me to the elevator.

I wanted a relationship and lo and behold, he wanted to mess around, and that was it.

*(It's not - the verges are common land, and annexing them into your private property is a crime - essentially theft, but specifically called purpresture.

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