Dating and marriage customs in sweden

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The groom’s attire consisted of a black suit, white shirt, bow tie and possibly white gloves.

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However, the first generation of Swedish-Americans often returned to the old traditions such as wearing ridal couples in Sweden today wear what we would consider traditional wedding attire: a white dress and tuxedos, just as their wedding celebrations are similar to weddings in other European countries or the USA. This dates back to the old tradition of listening to the public announcements in church of a proposed marriage.

It is usually a daytime party with a meal and a few drinks.

When dating Swedish guys be prepared for some formality in the beginning.

This is only his way of being polite and showing respect to you, which can hardly be said for men of many other cultures who are overly familiar on the very first date and overly eager to get in the woman’s pants.

I plan on walking down the aisle by myself (or I may have my bonus kids give me away). In Sweden, there is not the tradition of having a huge wedding party. The tradition is, that with this, she will never be without.

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