Dating campagnolo brakes meaning intimidating eyes

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Question: Can you do a video on tips for mixing and matching brake calipers and levers for road applications?For example, can I use Dura Ace 7800 STI levers with Dura Ace 9000 brake calipers? Answer: Until Shimano changed the design of their brake calipers and their brake levers’ cable pull ratio, every cable actuated road brake lever was compatible with every road brake caliper including cantilever brakes.

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The near mint Campagnolo Nuovo Record group is a Patent 1975, with De Rosa pantographed shifters, stem , seat post and large chain ring.

The Cinelli Stem and bars , Campagnolo Seatpost and hubs, have been polished to a mirror shine.

Last year we showed you prototype disc brakes from Campagnolo.

Now the Italian company is finally heading to market with its H11 hydraulic stoppers.

It is also the FIRST year of Exa-Drive, with new chainrings, cassettes, Sachs chains, guided upper pulley and a ramp on the inner cage of the front derailleur.

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