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The reasons behind marital infidelity run the gambit, ranging from general boredom with a spouse to a lack of passion in the bedroom.

Cheating in fact is one of primary reasons married couples split after a spouse gets busted for stepping out.

Plus, who Serena Williams, or any woman who you aren’t dating for that matter, has NOTHING to do with you.

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Learn More Pre-engagement counseling is designed to help you decide whether engagement is your next best step.

We will guide you in evaluating each other and exploring your long-term compatibility.

“To be honest, it’s a little like being in purgatory,” I said. ” We toasted to purgatory and let it go at that, which is just as well—if he had goaded me on I might have said something truly stupid.

“I was ready to get married the second she said ‘yes,’ but unless we run off to Vegas we’re doomed to spend the next year in this weird in-between phase where the only thing anybody wants to talk to us about is the wedding. For all of my grousing, the truth is that I’m thrilled to be engaged and genuinely excited about planning the perfect wedding.

In 2016…hell almost 2017, you would think that folks wouldn’t trip over interracial dating.

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