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Well, if you listen to the episode above I give a pretty complex answer to this question. I’m going to divide this episode up into three different sections. When you’re with someone for 20 years, I don’t think there’s just one rebound. I can tell that from your question and the way you were talking. Assuming that he was around the average age that men are when they get married, which is 27 or 28, that puts him around his mid or late 40s. They’ll be attracted to me, of course.” What he may come to realize is, the reality he thinks is going to occur is different than the reality that actually plays out. He’s not the strapping young guy back when he was in his mid-20s when he first met his wife. The baggage of the ex-wife comes into play a little bit. This is something that the woman in Episode 2 of the Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Podcast experienced. She worked on the self-improvement aspect of her life. Eventually, your ex-boyfriend is going to come to the realization that, “My options aren’t as good as they used to be. Then, after a certain time, maybe you’ll have healed up enough that you’ll meet the love of your life and it isn’t your ex.

Here is a quick look at Vicki’s situation, And that’s where I come in! He’s never been mean to me, but it was a pretty neutral response. Section one is what I think may have potentially happened in Vicky’s situation to bring her where she is now. The second part of this episode is going to cover the realization that her ex-boyfriend may come to have over time. It seems like he was falling for you, but you may have slept with him a little too soon. But when you slept with him a little too fast, he lowered your value. What also may have happened is that you may have been the very first girl he dated after his divorce. To me, it seems like if he dates or experiences other girls, they would all be rebounds as well. Another thing that comes to mind when I look at your situation is that you may have been too available for him. It seems like you’re very logical but you may have gotten a little too over excited with the fact that he liked you or was falling for you. That may have contributed to him wanting to experience more outside of you. Your dating options are a little bit more limited when you are that age, even as a man. I’m assuming, if he was with his wife for 20 years, that he also has kids. It may not be as easy as he thinks out there to date or get other girls. They’re limited.” You’re moving on with your life and not sitting around, twiddling your thumbs, hoping, “Maybe he’ll come back tomorrow.” Another day passes and you’re sitting there, thinking, “Maybe he’ll come back tomorrow.”Pretty soon, you realize that three years have gone by and you’re at a standstill with your love life. Or maybe you’ll heal up enough, your ex takes notice and wants to come back. If you’re listening to this and would like to ask a question, I’m going to put information in the show notes of this episode on how to do that. With over 7 million women just like you coming to this site ever year, I’ve seen about every situation you could imagine.

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