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Unlike many of us, Harry actually had the guts to go after his teenage crush, despite the fact there was a 14 year age difference between them!Unfortunately, due to the press, the relationship stopped before it really got going. Later in 2012, Styles began dating model and star of the One Direction video “Gotta Be You,” Emma Ostilly.But what makes this even funnier is that the teacher was even more baffled than the rest of us, actually noting down: ‘Who would believe this? It appeared on a Photoshopped version of the front page of the National Examiner which Harry has been asked questions about: ‘Are you wanting to confirm it?

I mean, what the pupil wrote was definitely fun – we’re just not quite sure it qualifies as ‘fact’.

Reddit user bijanthepigeon decided to share the ‘fun facts’ after their mother, who just so happened to be the teacher of the student, bought the fun facts home to give the rest of the family a laugh. There have been many a time when a student has given us a giggle, whether that’s with their hilarious yet convincing test answers, or their reasons for avoiding an exam entirely. To be fair to the middle school pupil, she did got the rumour from somewhere.

She has a younger brother, 22-year-old Dashiell, and is the daughter of a yoga teacher.

Interestingly, she studied History of Art at the University of Leeds.

Nadine Leopold: Harry dated Nadine Leopold, a Victoria’s Secret model, this past year, but long distance and her perpetual fear that he was cheating drove them apart. Although it didn’t last for long, it did spawn a song (predictably) about Styles on Swift’s 11.

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