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It is widely known that the Spencer had previously dated actress Jennifer Morrison.

Morrison has dated two co-stars during her career and O’Donoghue isn’t either of them. They had plans to tie the knot in the same year but things got quite rough between them.

Their relationship also ended in a very dramatic plot just like their character on the show.

We've been rooting for Emma Swan and Captain Hook to get together on Once Upon A Time for a full season now (well, at least until that whole "cursed lips" drama happened) but what about the woman behind the savior?

Once Upon a Time Actress Jennifer Morrison may play the ultimate independent woman on Once Upon A Time, but much like her character, she hasn't been solo forever — even if she currently is now.

According to sources, there was no distinct reason behind Morrison and Stan’s split. Stan only had a small role in the series due to which former pair didn’t have to go through co-star awkwardness. O' Donoghue is happily married to his schoolteacher wife, Helen.

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