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But, the world could use one less dispatch from the inner monologue of a comfortable 30-year-old. But, with the constant crowds in close proximity, your inner survival asshole kicks in. Stay there too long and you are the person stepping out of your Lexus to spew profane venom at a poor mailman whose truck broke down. Mice live behind the dishwasher, get into your food at night and somehow get on your stove for the better part of a calendar year while evading every trap, bait and poison known to man. Everything becomes a marker of status whether that’s a bag, a car, a gym membership or a prodigious brood of children you can somehow afford to house and to educate in the City.

While I’m leaving some great friends, wonderful museums and access to excellent food behind, here are some things I will not miss about the Big Apple. Because that’s what truly important: how everything effects . “Exposed Brick” is code for “prepare to kill mice.” Some day, I hope I stop unconsciously flinching every time a squirrel enters my peripheral vision. New York’s Subway does one thing efficiently: funnel outer borough plebs into lower Manhattan where money is being made.

Do you find yourself always attracted to the bad boy type and deem the ones who treat you well as too nice? Translation: We’re prenaturally inclined to fawn over jerks. Friedman explains in his article “I Heart Unpredictable Love”, our brain works on a reward-based circuit. The less we receive that reward, the more we want it, hence the reason playing hard to get works like a charm.

Women are attracted to men that aren’t overly nice or sweet because, when we’re finally rewarded with attention, affection, or sex, that reward is “unanticipated, which makes it particularly powerful and alluring to our brains,” writes Friedman.

Another characteristic jerks possess that draws women to them? Being unsure of how a partner—or someone you’re interested in—feels about you sucks, but it also adds a level of thrill to the chase.

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