Dating old glass bottles Uk sissy webcam

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Hershey's highly praised work is in demand all over the country.

He has worked on windows of well over 300 churches across the country from the New England States to Hawaii, including stained glass windows dating back to 1812, and many different styles: Victorian, Prairie style, beveled, hand painted and Tiffany glass, just to name a few.

We have over 30 years experience in our field – learn about collecting, get professional advice, or obtain a verbal or written appraisal. Here’s one story of digging bottles in an unlikely place – in New York City.

Whether you’re a beginning collector or just someone who stumbled upon early glass or old bottles and are trying to identify what you have, you’ll find our Learn section helpful.

Probably in the majority of cases, single digit numbers are mold numbers, merely serving to identify a particular mold, (or section/mold cavity in an automatic bottle manufacturing machine) that was used to form the bottle or other glass item.

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