Dating spouse during separation

by  |  20-Dec-2019 05:32

I need to let go of my fairy-tale, romantic-movie fantasies.Everything that comes with a relationship can be counted — in years, losses, gains, money, friends, family.

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He didn’t try to hold my hand, hug me, or even really get close at all.

I can’t change him or this night, so I have to work on changing me.

Was it in a situation were you knew the relationship was over 100%?

Or did he/she do whatever they wanted in spite of you trying to reconcile with them? I guess I'm just a one person soul-mate for a lifetime person, but am realizing it's not realistic.

In some cases this may even be the stated purpose: partners (one or both) may openly proclaim that they want to see other people to relieve emotional or sexual frustration, and/or to reassure themselves that their partners are truly the ones they want to be with.

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