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Weis and Penrod almost immediately went on to form the group Rhinoceros.onald Fagen released The Nightfly two years after Steely Dans last record, Gaucho, quelling for the moment questions of whether there would be life after Dan.

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Fagen's lyrics are no less cryptic, but there's a greater romanticism, even as he continues to demonstrate a unique way of turning a phrase.

But what makes Fagen's albums as producer, bassist/lead guitarist and co-writer of one tune), and ties them together as a small but significant body of work, is an even greater jazz-centricity than found on most Steely Dan albums, making the bringing of the three titles together as a logical move.

Of course, The Nightfly still recalls Steely Dan more than anything.

Even the themes are sometimes strikingly familiar, as when jazz fills in the holes left by love on The Nightfly (nods to Deacon Blues), and the South American politics of The Goodbye Look (similar to Sign In Stranger). Y., New Frontier or the tender and languid tale of young love, Maxine, The Nightfly soars.

And how do you all feel about the current popularity of wheatpasting and woodblocks versus straight up, traditional spray paint bombing?

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