Dating vintage baccarat perfume bottles

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It was during this period that Art Deco scent holders emerged, featuring bold, geometric shapes and strong lines, the most iconic of which is the Chanel No.5 bottle C that perfume bottles advanced in their designs, the Art Nouveau style was very popular during this period, and today is very collectable.

From the 1890’s onwards these perfume bottles featured ornate tops, silver stoppers, gilt leaf and flower decorations.

Although it is highly unlikely that today's collectors are going to find an Etruscan Albaster perfume bottle dating from 500 B. to add to their collection, there are many exquisite antique and vintage perfume bottles from the 18s available both on and off line.

Others may imagine the boudoir where the beautiful bottle held its magical liquid as the lady of the house dabbed just a drop behind her ear and on her inner wrist.

Since ancient times perfume and essence jars and bottles, regardless of their size, shape, color or design, kept their fragrant treasures safely inside.

You can research all day long on it without even leaving your chair.” Since IPBA’s membership includes many experts in the field of perfume bottles and vanity items, Susan states “it was a natural step to use our resources to address questions regarding inherited collections of perfume bottles and the need to sell, or times when individuals have found something they aren’t sure what it is.” The “What is it?

” feature puts visitors in contact with Perfume Bottle Historian Helen Farnsworth.

The perfume bottle section of this top-selling price guide feature a nice variety of pieces commonly seen at auctions and shows.

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