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Everybody’s welcome to come and chat about anything!

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We don’t have everything in English but we’ve tried to include all the most important bits below, including how to contact us, what groups we run, where our parties are etc. You might have also noticed that Jyväskylä isn’t exactly San Francisco or Brighton, but by Finnish standards it’s still a pretty good place to be LGBT-wise.

SETA Jyväskylä is the town’s largest – and only – support and social group for LGBT people, or anyone connected with sexual or gender minorities.

I came across them and heard it was a decent service in the news as they recently have come to the United States. The statistics on the site seem to be a good indication that it is a site worth joining.

Over two thirds of members have a university degree and 18,000 people join every week.

Our aim is to provide a high-quality resource for like-minded people seeking friendship, dating and fun.

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