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Electronic trash, or e-waste, is rapidly becoming a catastrophic problem.To understand how we ended up in this alarming predicament, Slade recounts the fascinating history of American consumer culture and the engineering of our "throw-away ethic." Quoting an eye-opening array of primary sources, he exposes the strategies of obsolescence, first explicating the techniques companies have used to stimulate perpetual dissatisfaction with the old and desire for the new, thus engendering "psychological obsolescence." Next, he meticulously documents the establishment of the much more diabolical "planned obsolescence," the deliberate use of poor-quality materials to create a product's built-in "death date." Along the way, Slade portrays seminal inventors, advertisers, moguls, and their critics, while relating hard-to-believe stories about the machinations of such marketplace powerhouses as the automotive and communications industries.

Tech repair and upgrade website i Fixit has claimed that the Apple Watch won’t be a long term option for those hoping to continually upgrade their device.

CEO Kyle Wiens has always been a vocal critic of Apple’s obstructive policies on third parties fixing and upgrading i OS devices and his company provide an online “free repair guide for everything” where methods to repair or improve electronic devices are posted.

In 2005, a Southern California start-up named Sonos put out a multiroom digital music system, a gadget that sounds straightforward but was actually ahead of its time.

Back then, music had already gone digital, but most digital players were meant to be used on the go, not at home.

This tactic is known as 'planned obsolescence' and has been an accusation levelled at Apple for a number of years.

Death dating vs planned obsolescence

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