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Absolute advantage is neither necessary nor sufficient for a country to export a good. The idea, advocated by opponents of globalization, that a country should import only goods for which other countries have an absolute advantage, particularly goods that the importing country cannot (or cannot "reasonably") produce itself. Total demand for final goods and services by all residents (consumers, producers, and government) of a country (as opposed to total demand for that country's output).The term was introduced as part of the Absorption Approach. Roll-up A group of academic economists and lawyers who specialize in international trade policy and international economic law.

You can think of these containers as “schema.” Schema are fluid and constantly evolving vessels students use to process what they see, read, and feel. For example, a two year old’s schema of a tree is “green and big with bark” — over time the child adds information (some trees lose their leaves, some trees have names, we use a tree at Christmas, etc.) – Your balloon just gets full of more information that fits neatly with what you know and adds onto it.

The following from the University of Puget Sound is a simple example clarifying the difference between assimilation and accommodation of knowledge. Accommodation is when you have to turn your round balloon into the shape of a poodle.

In the balance of payments, a transaction that is a result of actions taken officially to manage international payments; in contrast to autonomous transaction.

Thus official reserve transactions are accommodating, as may be short-term capital flows that respond to expectations of intervention.

In the middle of the graph, you see power (the rate of force development, or RFD).

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