Description of online property updating

by  |  29-Dec-2019 04:09

As part of the new Client Side Object Model (CSOM) version (4622.1208 or newer), Share Point has the ability to bulk import custom user profile properties.

You can now direct this data from various applications and external sources into Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the help of record creation and update rules.

By using record creation and update rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can automatically create or update system or custom records from incoming Dynamics 365 activities, such as emails, social activities, or custom activities, without writing any code.

Note: The import only works for user profile properties which have not been set to be editable by end users.

This is to prevent the user profile import process from overriding any information which an end user has already updated.

For example, the property should return when users click links soon after they lose internet connection. In Chrome and Safari, if the browser is not able to connect to a local area network (LAN) or a router, it is offline; all other conditions return value, you cannot assume that a true value necessarily means that the browser can access the internet.

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