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Live video is only going to get bigger as time goes on, so expect to see more and more streams appearing on your feed.

Discipline Global Mobile (DGM, or Discipline GM) is an independent record label founded in 1992 by Robert Fripp (best known as guitarist and main composer for the band King Crimson) and producer/online content developer David Singleton. During this period, Fripp met and began working with producer and online developer David Singleton, initially on a Guitar Craft tour in 1990 and subsequently on the production of two albums - the League of Crafty Guitarists' Show of Hands and the eponymous album for the Fripp-and-Toyah-fronted group Sunday All Over the World. reached a settlement but the experience left Fripp determined to take control of his own work and financial affairs wherever possible.

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Facebook itself offers some more tips for making the most of the feature (and getting the most viewers) - they suggest you tell people ahead of time when you're going to start broadcasting, so they can prepare questions and remember to tune in.

This probably only applies if you're a celebrity, not an average joe.

He has worked with brands such as Red Bull, Samsung, Caterpillar, and Mitsubishi.

He specializes in UI design, but is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to design.

The label was an early adopter of the digital download system. Fripp and Singleton's production partnership was sealed by work on two King Crimson boxed sets (1991's Frame by Frame and 1992's The Great Deceiver) and continues to the present day under the name of Ton Prob. As part of this aim, he founded Discipline Global Mobile (DGM) as an independent music label in 1992, as a fifty-fifty partnership with Singleton.

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