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In this simple example we’re just going to send out an email to an author if a document hasn’t been updated in a year.

Start with a standard Share Point Document Library (or even a normal list with document attachments).

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While a handbook can’t protect you from being sued, it can provide documentation that can help protect you if you are.

For instance, if your handbook explains how overtime is calculated (and your employees have been given the handbook), you may be able to use your policy as documentation to help protect yourself and your company in the event of an accusation.

Perhaps you’ve got policies that need to be checked for accuracy at least once per year.

Reminder can help with this and many other scenarios requiring you to setup email alerts to be sent on certain dates – and it’s much easier than working with workflow.

In the example application, this comes up in the context of product review creation, where a new review triggers some Datastore-related bookkeeping, after which the relevant product document is updated with its new average rating.

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