the most intimidating football players ever - Drupal feed aggregator not updating

by  |  09-Apr-2020 21:08

drupal feed aggregator not updating-35

Simple--Drupal invokes hook_cron() implementations found in all enabled modules.

Cron is where each module can can perform periodic tasks either required for the module's functionality, or for maintenance purposes.

The feed will repopulate the 21 items if I delete and recreate the feed using the same URL, so the feed also can't be the issue.

Attempting to manually update the feed does nothing.

:-( I should probably also mention the feed that won't update at all seems to be working fine with Drupal's core aggregator module, but because I need to then convert the feed items to a different content type, aggregator doesn't quite fit my needs... I have a test feed that kind of works, and kind of updates, and I have my main feed, and Feeds is clearly not updating it through Cron.

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