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As Emma and Regina missed their chance to jump through the portal straight back to Storybrooke, they will need to find a new way home.In an exclusive photo released to TVLine and revealing Pinocchio’s return, he is seen inspecting a wood carving and surrounded by other materials.

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His debut was midway through first season, with his character known as the “Stranger” - later discovered to be Pinocchio.

In the mid-season finale the heroines found themselves stuck in an alternate reality, when Regina could not leave the Realm after encountering another returning character and the love of her life – Robin Hood (Sean Maguire).

Because Guy Ritchie is who he is, the film portrays Arthur as the leader of a gang of street toughs in medieval London, shaking down merchants while trying to protect the prostitutes that raised him. The plot involves the Heffley family going on a road trip and getting into all sorts of trouble along the way.

Of course, because this is also a big-budget blockbuster, that personality has to eventually give way to VFX-heavy battles, which Ritchie seems to have little interest in. DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE LONG HAUL The latest movie franchise to get a cast reboot isn’t a superhero movie. So it’s basically G-rated is the first film adaptation of the popular manga, which had an equally popular TV anime run.

The Copenhagen-born actress will play the role of Theresa Cullen, the head of operations at a robot park, a role that was initially to be filled by Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings).

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