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I love the fact she is one of the biggest female movie stars, but has chosen to go back to college. Emma Watson stars in One Night Only's new music video for "Say You Don't Want It" alongside her new boyfriend and lead singer of the band George Craig. The two met while shooting a Burberry ad campaign earlier this year and decided to make their romance public at this weekend's Glastonbury music festival in England. However, Emma was sporting some kind of Burberry accessory — her rumored boyfriend and Burberry model George Craig was by her side throughout the day. The two were spotted going to a play earlier this week in London. Related: Taylor Is FAR From The Only Artist To Make A Diss Track!During a radio interview, the two joked about giving a nickname to their new coupledom, with Emma saying "we haven't (heard one yet). It wouldn't really (work)." When asked how long they've been together, Emma laughed and replied, "You go George! And when I was in the States, George was taking me through a lot of his music as he was recording it. Ashley Tisdale is wondering that, too, but apparently she thinks it's Fifth Harmony should know better!When the duo looks in the mirror towards the end of the video, it is revealed that Watson is a fancy pure-bred lost in the city, while her 19-year-old boyfriend is a city-wise mutt.

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They're damned if they do but damned if they don't, but better to do than not!

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But they've been getting on really well."They added: "They've been dating now for a month.

Filed under: Fashion Smashion • Kanye West • Donatella Versace • Karl Lagerfeld • M. To play up their theme du mois, the mag rounded up some name designers and asked them to dish on their musical muses, some of which are kinda surprising.

The actress appears in the clip for new single Say You Don't Want, which was filmed in New York and shows Watson and Craig being chased around the streets of the Big Apple.

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