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Ernest the engine dating

Initially, a batch of horizontal, single-acting, high-speed steam engines were produced, called the "Yoevil" engine, but an article in "The Boy's Own" paper, which appeared under the heading of "Model Gas Engine," inspired the trio of young designers and engineers to look at the possibility of designing their own gas engine.

Jacobs then designed his first gas engine for Petter; it was intended to drive a "horseless carriage." Further design changes simplified the vaporizing set-up, which improved the engine's performance and made it suitable for industrial and agricultural use as well.

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Petter & Sons Ltd., and production got underway of the redesigned engine in sizes from 1-1/4 hp to 22 hp. engines, so Petter responded with another redesign, which produced a cheaper engine called the "Handyman," offered in five sizes. The twins came into their own, launching a new vertical range of two-stroke engines - semi-diesel - called the V range and sized from 10 to 200 hp the same year.

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