Error updating windows phone

by  |  05-Feb-2020 16:46

In this error, most users have reported that normally the update gets downloaded and just after the process begins, the phone restarts and gives the error code whilst terminating the update process.

The error will appear when you try to set an external hard disk as your backup location.

The issue can also occur when you are trying to upgrade to Windows 10. The update relies on files that can be accessed from an automatic update or direct download from Microsoft.

But in Whats App install screen it say App installed and options are available only for View and Share and not for Update anywhere. My messages are seem to be downloaded and unread messages keep on increasing (I even tried setting the date back by 25 days; still the status is the same). So I want to see my Chat history (Some important msgs read/unread are there); use my Whats App; Is there any way to update or re-install without using the Chat history? Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

This started happening after changing with another sim card 2-3 times.

Sometimes down to some developer mistake at Microsoft’s end but most of the time, bugs and errors arise because the target device is either incapable of receiving the update or has some other flaws.

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