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if there is not space in the path release build is working properly.Try to find any similar issues at or other websites can't find any. Execute the same test from the developer machine or a deployed machine Execute your unit test cases in DEBUG mode for better flow control.

This is because of a permission to perform a click from one application to another. For example, the uiautomator does not have this limitation, it allows taking pictures in one application and enable access to change settings in second application.

It supports a subset of the Selenium Web Driver JSON Wire Protocol, and extends it so that user can specify mobile targeted desired capabilities to run tests through Appium.

We isolate and test individual application components for correct functionality across multiple browsers without requiring scripts.

Test cases are flexible; they can be easily reused across environments, executed in multiple browsers for cross-browser testing, and leveraged for security testing, runtime error detection, and load testing.

Leverage the power of an enterprise application stack for your test automation.

Error validating the uitest xml

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